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We re-imagined news and story telling through the eyes of machines. See how we brought art, news, and science together to create the first, fully artificially intellegent chronologer.

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A.I. Generated and Minted - Soup to Nuts

Content by Machines for Machines...and you.

If our future machine overlords asked us to buy news or art for them in the future, The Daily Mint is where they would ask - ney - demmand you to go.

A.I. Generated and Minted - Soup to Nuts

News for infinity


Konch ASR

Check out our A.I. for Transcriptions

Konch was built for to bring beauty and fun to the world of A.I. Automated Speech Recognition landscape.

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High accuracy transcription

Konch not only supports over 30 languages, it also outperforms any other solution on transcription accuracy.

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Flexible editing & exporting

Machine transcription isn’t perfect, so we built an editor from scratch to help you easily find and fix mistakes before exporting.

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Note taking made simple

When editing your transcript you can add notes, comments and highlight words to make it easier to find structure.

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Serious protection

Security, data privacy, and GDPR are key. We maintain strict policies for data access and undergo early 3rd-party audits. Login securely via SAML/SSO/Shibboleth/WAYF or others.

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GDPR compliant

We are GDPR experts, so you don’t have to be. For EU users, all Konch data is fully portable, deletable, and processed within the EU.

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Developer API

Konch is built from the ground up REST APIs. Use them to incorporate transcription into your video workflow programmatically.

Perfect for researchers looking to transcribe better and faster.

The ultimate transcription platform for researchers. Save hours of valuable time that can be spend on what really matters: create ground-breaking research.

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