Ukraine War Russia 'scraping The Barrel In Terms Of Deploying Equipment'

Ukraine War Russia 'scraping The Barrel In Terms Of Deploying Equipment'

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Well, that's Dominic there in Ukraine. Let's get more on the situation in the ground there. With me now is Justin Trump, chief executive of civilian military expert and veteran British army tank commander. Just a nice to see you. And just just give us the latest. So from a more strategic point of view about what is going on in Mariupol, what is going on in this steelworks?

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Yeah, the city, as we were just discussing with Mariupol, it's it's been an interesting compromise described as an evacuation regime by the Ukrainians. It is, of course, a surrender of the forces there. But Russia does seem to have compromised on oversight of that surrender process, I think to ensure fair treatment of captives, which is maybe more than they had initially expected a few days ago if they surrendered to Russian forces. So they should be in no doubt that the assault fighters, as it mentioned, the key targets for the Russians, particularly with Ukraine itself, conducting more trials at the moment of someone accused of crimes in Russia and I think we're going to see that balancing act with Russia in return, effectively politicizing the hours of capture and that's going to develop over the next few days. But the main fight, of course, remains further north. And the key thing about Mariupol is it starts to free up a few more Russian forces for their offensive in the Donbass and the thing I'm most focused on [crosstalk]

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Is it true what - what was happening in the east?

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Well and that's the main thing so Severodonetsk at the very eastern end of the salient you see there I think is the main Russian target now. It is the last part of Luhansk Oblast they've nearly captured. If you look on the right of the map and they're very focused on that area and one of the things that's showing that is a signature piece of equipment I think we've got a picture of, it's called The BMPT. They don't have many of these pieces of equipment. They are designed to support tanks. You can see they have firepower on the top that effectively allows it to do the job of infantry in the Russian concept. They don't have many there deploying them to Donetsk for the first time and I think it's a sign of how Russia is both scraping the barrel in terms of the equipment it can deploy, but also is very focused on the capture of that city more than anywhere else now. So we think that will be a growing area of fighting certainly in the next few days as Russia really tries to focus on capturing that and capturing Luhansk. But as we move around they're rebuilding in Izyum, you might recall that's their bridgehead over the river and the Donetsk is a really important feature of this battlefield.

Both sides are having to deal with it. Russia failed having crossing it earlier in the last few days and we're seeing coverage of that. Ukraine seeming to have more opportunity around Kharkiv and you can see that where they're gaining some ground there and getting across the river and actually pushing towards Russian supply lines, and that's definitely causing the Russians some concern and then finally, just at the top of the map there, we've seen Russia come back across the border. hey're using artillery and raids on the ground. Quite a small level. I think we got some footage of Russian artillery actually in action. And this is coming from Russia back into Ukraine in areas that Russia previously left in the country. I don't think this is a serious incursion back, but it shows how Russia's maintaining pressure everywhere, including with missile strikes further in the country to keep Ukrainian forces dispersed while Russia itself concentrates on the Donbass. So that's the pattern by looking at the moment, Jane.

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Okay, Justin, thanks very much.

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Thank you.

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