Transcriptions you will actually enjoy  creating

Konch can get your your research data transcribed with ease. Have a peak at all our transcription platform can do in addition to Speech-to-Text.

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We support everything from Pay-as-you-Go to large scale Enterprise agreements.

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Transcribe, translate, subtitles, go!

We maintain our time codes on every word - even after translation. That means, whether you edit, correct, or translate, your subtitles are always ready to go.

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Edit your transcripts

Edit your transcripts with a smooth and intuitive Google Docs-like editor.

Machine transcription isn't perfect—at least not yet. So we built a text editor from scratch to help you easily find and fix any inaccuracies. From there, you can export to your preferred format while retaining time-codes for subtitles or annotations.

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Upgrade transcripts for human review

Our transcription and translation products are the best in the business. With our Precision Product, you can easily request our team of certified human transcribers to clean up the transcript and add non-verbal queues, sounds, music, and speakers.

33 languages supported

Hola, Hej, Salut, Hallo, Cześć, Hejsan, Ni Hao.

Our language models consistently outperform every other transcription platform in the market. Over the years, we have added support for 33 languages including transcription in English, French, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Korean, Cantonese, Japanese, Portuguese, German and many more.

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Pricing that fits your needs

We support everything from Pay-as-you-Go to large scale Enterprise agreements.

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Built for collaboration

Transcribe and edit  with your research colleagues.

Besides being an extremely accurate transcription engine, we built all the features required to effectively collaborate between a team of researchers. It's never been easier to share a workspace and see each others work.


Express yourself

Unless you are one of the lucky ones, typing and expressing yourself can be two very different skills. Take advantage of your voice and capture more than just your words.

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Awesome for academia

Konch was originally built to service the needs of students and researchers. Take advantage of  security and features made for you.


API-First Product

We built Konch from the ground up with a API centric model. Giving your developers the power to do anything you need to create the perfect workflow.

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ALL the Features you need

Discover the core features that help you transcribe better.

Konch was built for educational institutions. For that reason, we take security and data privacy serious. Our transcription platform is also fully GDPR compliant.

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High accuracy transcription

Konch not only supports over 30 languages, it also outperforms any other solution on transcription accuracy.

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Flexible editing & exporting

Machine transcription isn’t perfect, so we built an editor from scratch to help you easily find and fix mistakes before exporting.

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Note taking made simple

When editing your transcript you can add notes, comments and highlight words to make it easier to find structure.

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Serious protection

Security, data privacy, and GDPR are key. We maintain strict policies for data access and undergo early 3rd-party audits. Login securely via SAML/SSO/Shibboleth/WAYF or others.

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GDPR compliant

We are GDPR experts, so you don’t have to be. For EU users, all Konch data is fully portable, deletable, and processed within the EU.

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Developer API

Konch is built from the ground up REST APIs. Use them to incorporate transcription into your video workflow programmatically.

Customer love

We take pride in our user experience on and off the platform. Transcription should be fun and we will do whatever it takes from our side to make sure that happens.

“Konch transcription saved us several weeks of work and the related stress and carpal tunnel symptoms as well as several thousand dollars’ worth of labor by students or professional transcriptionists.”
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Dr. Michael Bayerlein
Professor, Texas A&M
"The time and energy you save can be spent on the analysis.”
Carolyn picture
Carolyn Rutherford
PhD, Copenhagen Business School
I’ll keep this short….love it! Clean, intuitive, fast and easy to consume. I ended up playing longer than expected.
Damir picture
Damir Ingram
Head of Research
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We help libraries transcribe and caption historical archives.

We are transcribing large amounts of audio and video files, we support most languages and can work with any existing setup your university or library may have.

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