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Keeping our client's data secure is an absolute top priority at Konch. We are Cyber Essentials Plus compliant and store all data on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure your data is always safe.

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Konch transcription saved us several weeks of work and the related stress and carpal tunnel symptoms as well as several thousand dollars’ worth of labor by students or professional transcriptionists.

Dr. Michael Bayerlein

Professor, Texas A&M

Working with the Konch team is like a dream: we ask for features and they implement them quickly and efficiently.

Carol Kassel

Senior Manager, NYU

The time and energy you save can be spent on the analysis.

Carolyn Rutherford

PhD, Copenhagen Business School


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The most ambitious universities in the world are using Konch to transcribe their audio and video files.

Transcribing your audio/video has never been easier

Konch allows you to transcribe any audio or video file. You can then edit and export it to your preferred file format.

Some of the most ambitious researchers use Konch to transcribe research data. It helps them transcribe faster and more efficiently.

You can translate your transcript into any language while keeping timecodes accurate to be used for subtitles on videos.

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Turn your audio or video transcription into a publishable blog post or essay in less than 30 second and clicking one button. 

Our automated transcription platform is used by libraries to convert historical audio and video archives into searchable and compliant transcipts.

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When you work with Konch, you can choose fully AI generated transcripts or you can have a human review and fix it for you. Our team of human transcribers will review your transcript and ensure it's accuracy within 24 hours of upload.

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