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GDPR Compliant

Protect your data and ensure privacy with our GDPR compliant transcription service.


AI or Human

Choose between the precision of human transcription or the efficiency of AI-generated transcriptions.


Flexible editor

Customize and perfect your transcripts with our flexible editor, tailored to fit your needs.



Effortlessly capture every detail with our note-taking feature, designed to enhance your research experience.

Made for Research Transcription

Our transcription service is designed for research, providing accurate and efficient transcriptions. With a platform tailored to the unique demands of research transcription, we offer a streamlined and intuitive user experience for transcribing interviews, lectures, and focus groups.


Accurate transcription

Get accurate transcriptions every time with our advanced technology


Easy to use editor

Easily perfect your transcripts with our user-friendly editor, designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility


Add subtitles to videos

Enhance your videos with our subtitle feature, providing accessibility and engagement for all audiences.


50 languages supported

Transcribe in over 50 languages with our comprehensive language support, including rare and complex dialects.


Serious protection

Protect your data with serious security measures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your transcription.


GDPR compliant

Ensure compliance with GDPR regulations and protect personal data with our fully GDPR compliant transcription service.


All file sizes

Transcribe files of all sizes with ease, from short clips to lengthy recordings.


Built for Education

Empower your educational experience with our transcription service, optimized for academic research, lectures, and more.

Get 100% accurate transcripts with Precision

You can choose fully AI-generated transcripts or have a human transcriber fix them. Our human transcribers will review your transcript and ensure its accuracy within 24 hours of upload.

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Dr. Michael Bayerlein (Professor, Texas A&M University)
Konch transcription saved us several weeks of work and the related stress and carpal tunnel symptoms as well as several thousand dollars’ worth of labor by students or professional transcriptionists.
Carol Kassel (Senior Manager, New York University)
Working with the Konch team is like a dream: we ask for features and they implement them quickly and efficiently.

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