Google Auth Content Disclosure

Thank you for considering using and connecting your Google Calendar through Google Auth for enhanced meeting transcription services. We want to ensure transparency and inform you how will utilize the Google Auth Consent, should you accept it.

1. Purpose of Google Auth Consent:
By granting Google Auth Consent, you allow to access and integrate with your Google Calendar securely. This authorization is specifically for the purpose of enhancing your meeting experience by sending bots into meetings and recording audio solely for transcription purposes.

2. Meeting Transcription: employs advanced transcription technology to convert spoken words into text accurately. The recorded audio from your meetings will be used exclusively for generating transcriptions to assist you in summarizing, searching, and referencing meeting content.

3. Storage Location:
All transcription assets, including audio recordings and transcriptions, will be stored securely in your designated workspace. ensures these assets are encrypted at rest and in transit, applying the same rigorous security measures as other assets within your workspace.

4. Workspace Security:
Your workspace security is of utmost importance to us. adheres to industry-standard security practices to safeguard your data, protecting it against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

5. User Control and Transparency: values user control and transparency. You will have the ability to manage and control the permissions granted through Google Auth at any time. You can revoke access if you choose to discontinue the transcription services.

6. Limited Use:
The information obtained through Google Auth will be used exclusively for meeting transcription purposes. will not use the data for any other purposes without obtaining additional explicit consent.

7. Continuous Compliance: is committed to complying with relevant data protection laws and regulations. We will regularly update our practices to ensure ongoing privacy and security standards compliance.

8. Support and Assistance:
If you have any questions or concerns or require assistance regarding the use of Google Auth Consent or the security of your data within, our support team is readily available to help. Please contact

By accepting the Google Auth Consent, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this disclosure. is dedicated to providing a secure and transparent experience as we work to enhance your meeting transcription services.

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