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Looking for a more straightforward way to conduct online meetings? Well, look no further than KonchMate - our friendly AI-powered meeting assistant! With KonchMate, you can finally simplify your workflow and boost productivity.

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How KonchMate Works

1. Integrate

Connect your Google Calendar to KonchMate.

2. Select Meetings

Customize which meetings you want KonchMate to join and transcribe.

3. Review Meeting Transcripts

Review and make any necessary edits to the AI transcript.

4.Upgrade to Precision (Optional)

Human reviewers meticulously examine AI transcripts within a 24-hour turnaround time to ensure the highest accuracy.

Why KonchMate?


Effortless Meeting Documentation

KonchMate simplifies meeting documentation by automatically transcribing and recording your online meetings. Say goodbye to manual note-taking and focus on active participation.

Save time, improve accuracy, and enhance collaboration with AI-powered transcription.

Personalized Meeting Summaries

Integrate your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook Calendar with KonchMate to customize which meetings to transcribe. Receive concise meeting summaries directly on the platform.

Stay organized, keep team members informed, and streamline communication with personalized meeting summaries.

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Seamless Integration

KonchMate seamlessly integrates with all major meeting platforms, including Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with your preferred meeting tools.

No need to switch between platforms - KonchMate adapts to your existing workflows for maximum efficiency.

User Experience

We speak your language

KonchMate supports 50+ languages for transcription. Our extensive language coverage ensures our technology can handle your business needs, regardless of where you're from.

Break language barriers and make your meeting content accessible to participants from different linguistic backgrounds.

KonchMate Features


Choose your transcription and recording preferences for each meeting

Select which meetings KonchMate should attend and document

Adjust settings to suit your specific needs and requirements


KonchMate automatically joins your selected meetings and starts transcription

Capture audio, video, and metadata for a comprehensive record of your meetings

View and edit meeting transcripts directly on the platform for easy reference

Access and Share

Access entire meeting transcripts, recordings, and metadata on the KonchMate platform

Share meeting summaries with team members, clients, or stakeholders effortlessly

Keep everyone aligned and informed with KonchMate's easy-to-use sharing features


What is KonchMate?
KonchMate is an AI-powered automatic meeting transcription tool designed to accurately capture and transcribe your online meetings. It also acts as an automatic meeting note-taker, ensuring you never miss important details.

How does KonchMate ensure the accuracy of transcriptions?
Our AI meeting transcription technology is built with advanced algorithms to recognize diverse voices and terminologies, providing high accuracy in capturing your online meeting notes.

What platforms are compatible with KonchMate?
Konchmate is compatible with various online meeting platforms. It integrates seamlessly to provide automatic note-taking services across multiple virtual meeting environments, such as Zoom meetings, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, etc. 

How does KonchMate handle different accents or dialects?
Our AI meeting notetaker is trained on a diverse dataset, enabling it to handle and accurately transcribe various accents and dialects commonly encountered in online meetings

.Is there a limit to the duration or size of meetings KonchMate can transcribe?
KonchMate can handle meetings of any length, from quick briefings to extended seminars, ensuring every word is captured in your online meeting notes.

How secure is KonchMate for confidential meetings? 
Security is our top priority. KonchMate uses end-to-end encryption to keep your meeting transcriptions confidential and secure. Awarded with a Cyber Essentials Plus certificate by IASME, your meetings with KonchMate are akin to having them behind a secure vault.

Can I edit the transcriptions generated by KonchMate?
After your meetings, KonchMate will automatically generate your transcript, which can be accessed on your dashboard. Furthermore, you can access various features, such as Precision, Translation, Summarization, Annotation, etc., by utilizing the advanced editor feature. 

How do I get started with using Konchmate for my online meetings?
Getting started with KonchMate is easy! Just sign up and integrate it with your Google calendar, and KonchMate will automatically detect the online meeting platform and take notes for you during your next meeting.

What customer support options are available for KonchMate users?
Our dedicated support team can help you with issues or questions about our AI meeting transcription service. You can contact us via email, phone, or live chat for assistance. We’re there 24/7!

How fast can I expect to receive my podcast transcripts from Konch?
Konch offers quick turnaround times, typically delivering transcripts within hours, depending on the service level chosen.

Can Konch tailor its podcast transcription services to fit different podcast styles and formats?
Yes, Konch can adapt its transcription services to accommodate various podcast styles and formats, ensuring versatility and customization.

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