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Preserve history: Our transcription service helps you safeguard and share the valuable content of your digital archives for future generations.

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ADA Compliance

Transcribe and caption all publicly available library content.


100% Accurate

We have human reviewers to ensure all transcripts are 100% accurate.


Thousands of files

Capacity to transcribe hundreds of files per week.

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Any format and language

50 supported languages and any file format you can think of.

Enabling Digital Archives Transcription

Enabling digital archives transcription is essential for preserving historical records and making them accessible to a wider audience. With our advanced transcription technology and expertise, we can help unlock the potential of digital archives by transcribing handwritten or typed documents, oral histories, and other materials.

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Ingest all your files

Upload yourself, integrate our API or share an SFTP server.


Choose accuracy

We support fully automated transcripts (~90%) or human reviewed (+99%).



Add timecoded subtitles to your video in VTT, SRT or other supported formats.


50 languages supported

English, Spanish, French, German, Danish and 45 additional languages.


Serious protection

We maintain strict internal policies for data access and data security.


GDPR compliant

EU users, enjoy a fully portable, deletable content within the EU.

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All file sizes

There are no cap on file sizes you can upload to our platform.


Make content searchable

Transcripts makes digital archives easier to search and organise.

Get 100% accurate transcripts with Precision

When you work with Konch, you can choose fully AI generated transcripts or you can have a human review and fix it for you. Our team of human transcribers will review your transcript and ensure it's accuracy within 24 hours of upload.

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Dr. Michael Bayerlein (Professor, Texas A&M University)
Konch transcription saved us several weeks of work and the related stress and carpal tunnel symptoms as well as several thousand dollars’ worth of labor by students or professional transcriptionists.
Carol Kassel (Senior Manager, New York University)
Working with the Konch team is like a dream: we ask for features and they implement them quickly and efficiently.

Over 10,000,000

minutes transcribed

We are working with some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.


What types of materials can Konch transcribe for digital archives?
Konch can transcribe a variety of digital archive materials, including oral histories, interviews, lectures, and audio-visual recordings.

How does Konch ensure ADA compliance when transcribing digital archives?
Konch provides accurate transcripts to meet ADA compliance, making digital archives accessible to individuals with hearing impairments.

What is the process for uploading large quantities of archival files for transcription?
Konch supports batch uploading and API integration for efficient handling of large volumes of archival files for transcription.

How can integrating Konch's API benefit the management of digital archives?
Integrating Konch's API streamlines transcription workflows, automates content updates, and enhances archive accessibility.

What are the benefits of making digital archives searchable through transcription?
Transcription makes digital archives more accessible, discoverable, and useful for research, education, and preservation efforts.

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