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February 2, 2023
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Become a Konch Pro — Tips and Tricks to Faster Transcription

Become a Konch Pro — Tips and Tricks to Faster Transcription

Konch is all about making the transcription process faster and less annoying. Automation can take us far but there are other low hanging fruits.

Below is a list of our best advice and the lowest hanging fruit to make your transcription process even easier and more comfortable using Konch.

Upload all Audio at Once

Most of our users usually have between 5–10 audio files to transcribe. We recommend uploading all your media at once. Uploading one 60 minute audio file takes the same amount of time as five 60 minute audio files. Grab all of your audio files and upload them back to back.

Increase Playback Speed

You can switch between 1x, 1.25x and 1.5x in playback speed. Most of our users find that speeding up the audio significantly increases their transcription speed.

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Disable Auto-Stop

You can choose to enable or disable ‘Auto Stop’. Disabling Auto Stop means that the audio will keep playing even when you edit words. We usually recommend fast typers to disable it and combine it with the TAB shortcut.

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Learn the Shortcuts

You can fix all mistakes in a transcript without leaving the keyboard. Here are the most important ones:

  • Pause/Play = TAB
  • Faster playback = control + >
  • Slower playback = control + <
  • Section start = option + up-arrow
  • Section end = option + down-arrow

You can find a list of all shortcuts in the Konch editor.


You can always revert to an old version of your transcript instead of uploading a new version of the audio file.

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Chat & Help Center

If you ever find yourself having issues or questions make sure you reach out to us or visit our helpcenter. Sometimes a quick chat with us can save you hours of trial and error.

Do you have any more tips we should share? Let us know.

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