Hannah Jackson

February 12, 2023
2 min

Combine Humans With The Latest A.I. For The Best Results

Combine Humans With The Latest A.I. For The Best Results

Using the Best AI Transcription Platform Isn't Enough

Transcribing audio or video content is a time-consuming and costly process. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has provided a solution for this problem, by offering transcription platforms that use advanced algorithms to transcribe speech into text, saving time and money. However, AI-based transcription alone is not enough to produce accurate results, and that's where Konch comes in.

Konch's Precision Product

Konch is a transcription platform that leverages the time-saving and cost-saving benefits of AI-based transcription (what Konch calls "Draft") and then sends the output of that draft transcription to humans for review. Upgrading to "Precision" ensures the highest level of accuracy possible. There are other qualities of media that A.I. has yet to solve via automation such as non-verbal sounds, speaker names, music, sound effects, multiple people talking and more.

The human review process is less expensive than traditional transcription services because the AI-based transcription provides a starting point, allowing the human reviewers to work more efficiently. This not only results in more accurate transcriptions, but also saves time and money compared to traditional transcription services.

Additionally, with Konch AI as a foundation, every word is automatically time-coded to match up with the accompanying audio. This allows for the creation of subtitles and editing of those subtitles with ease, just a click of a button.

Time-Coded Transcripts for Seamless Translation and Editing

The time codes in the transcription also make it easier to translate the content into different languages. The time codes help guide the words to align well and produce subtitles in any language, leading to a more seamless translation process.

Time-coded transcriptions also allow users to highlight, comment, and annotate the text, and export those notes along with the audio and corresponding transcript. This provides a powerful tool for anyone looking to edit or analyze the content, making it an essential tool for journalists, researchers, or anyone working in the media industry.

Konch's Best-in-Class Pipeline and Editor

Konch has built a best-in-class pipeline and editor to make transcribing, editing, subtitling, and translation simple, seamless, and cost-effective compared to any other platform. With Konch's precision product, users can get as close to 100% accuracy as possible, saving time and money in the process.

While AI-based transcription is a step forward in the industry, it is not enough to produce accurate results. Konch's precision product leverages the benefits of AI-based transcription and provides a human review process to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible. With its time-coded transcripts and best-in-class pipeline and editor, Konch offers a cost-effective solution for anyone looking to transcribe, edit, subtitle, or translate audio or video content.

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