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July 4, 2024
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How To Extract Text From Video? Explained In Detail

How To Extract Text From Video? Explained In Detail

What’s the first thing that your mind offers when you hear the word ‘Entertainment?’

While most of you would be compelled to recall your favorite movie or a series, it’s a solid argument to conclude that entertainment is synonymous with videos. Without video, entertainment loses its essence, and the impact of the narrative remains minimal. As a result, the digital world is conquered by short and long-form compelling videos that fulfill the short-span attention of the users. However, creators have moved beyond the ordinary and have enabled their audience to extract text from video, thereby pushing the liberty of preferences. 

Since then, almost every creator has utilized the power of subtitles along with their videos to boost engagement. Be it Instagram reels or long-form YouTube videos; users find it convenient to extract subtitles from a video for better comprehension and entertainment. However, how do we extract text from a video?


What is Transcription of Video?

Video transcription is a process of converting any audible element of a video into written text. From spoken words to any non-verbal cues, everything can be captured through transcription. This process is leveraged by content creators to make their content more accessible and searchable while maximizing their reach. It acts as a textual reference for the video that even assists users with hearing impairments in enjoying the content by simply choosing to convert video to text

This leads us to the next question: what’s the best way to convert video to text?

Methods of Extracting Text from Video

While most of the methods ultimately revolve around an automation approach, depending on one’s requirement, the methods below are ideal to extract text from video

Optical Character Recognition 

Before you fall into confusion by reading the name, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology used by several automated transcription services to convert different types of documents into editable & searchable data. These usually include scanned paper documents or images clicked through a digital camera. However, OCR can only be utilized at its full potential when there are visible text elements within the video frames. 

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Automatic Speech Recognition, more commonly referred to as ASR is one of the widely used methods to extract text from video. It’s a technology that converts the spoken language into text. In fact, it is the go-to technology for applications such as voice commands, virtual assistants, and video transcription. It accounts for the most seamless tool for to extract text from video.

Manually Extracting Text from Video

The origin of every technique begins with the manual approach. Similarly, professionals often turn toward the manual method in some special cases to extract text from video. However, when compared to the automated approaches, the manual method consumes a lot of time, and hence, it remains a road that very few people turn towards.

Yet, is the hype of video transcription really worth it?

Why Extract Text from Videos?

We all consume at least one video in a single day. From subtitles to text references, transcription supplements our comprehension of the video. However, there are many more upsides to it.

Content Creation

Creators emerge with numerous strategies and content ideas; however, the key formula that adds more users to their audience is video transcriptions. Apart from breaking the barriers of geographical boundaries, transcripts can be used to translate the content. Furthermore, creators can also use the opportunity to convert their content and target written formats, such as blogs, social media posts, etc.

Video Indexing & Searchability 

Here’s a lesser-known fact about video content: Extracting text from videos improves their indexing and search-ability on the Internet. It prompts the search engine to automatically index the transcriptions and enhances the options for a user to discover precise content through search queries. 

Accessibility Features

With the question of language barriers being eliminated, a video or its content becomes easily accessible to any user, irrespective of their place of residence. Additionally, it also becomes a boon for people with hearing impairments to digest the content in its true essence, similar to other users. 

Data Analysts & Insights

Let's turn the page and look beyond the usual benefits. We can witness how video transcriptions are meticulously studied and used by researchers and businesses for in-depth data analysis. 

The list of benefits of video transcription has no limiters. However, the effectiveness of these transcripts can only be experienced when they are acquired through an advanced tool that prioritizes accuracy. 

How to Transcribe Video to Text with Konch AI

We’ve already uncovered the different methods of transcribing videos. In today’s fast-paced world, manual transcription remains a lesser-opted approach, while automated software takes away the biggest piece of the cake. Amongst all of these, Konch AI is one of the most advanced and secure tools that can transcribe your video within minutes. 

With Konch AI, you can get your transcription in four steps. 

1. Upload your file
2. Select your preferred language
3. Let Konch AI do its magic
4. Get your transcription within seconds & review!

Why is Konch AI the Best Video Transcription Tool?

You might be pondering on the above question. Above all, every transcription requires accuracy and a fast turnaround. Konch AI has several cards to offer in the play that make your experience seamless and effortless. 

High Accuracy

If the foundation of your transcriptions is dubious, then your entire project will crumble. While many automated software promise accuracy, the commitment is lost with large video files or questionable audio and videos. Konch AI leverages ASR technology and delivers high accuracy. 

Multiple Languages

Acquiring video transcriptions might be easy with several options available on the Internet. However, getting the transcription in your preferred language remains a daunting task, as many online software tools do not support transcriptions in multiple languages. On the other hand, Konch AI supports more than 50 + languages while serving and meeting the requirements of a global audience.


Some businesses or industries demand an environment wherein several videos are to be transcribed into text. In such scenarios, speed remains the king. With Konch AI, the user can plan their content or strategies with ease without having to worry about the turnaround period.


‘How easy is it to use?’ That's the basic question every user has while using a platform or a service. From the moment you glimpse the Konch AI website, you’ll experience a user-friendly interface that will help you transcribe your videos with ease. Irrespective of your digital skills, the interface remains simple and seamless.


With more than millions of videos floating each day on the Internet, video transcription is the new normal. It enhances accessibility and is a viable option for creators to reach maximum users while effortlessly repurposing their content. With advanced tools, such as Konch AI, users can transcribe multiple videos with accuracy, speed, and, more importantly, a user-friendly interface. 


1. How accurate is text extraction from video?
The accuracy highly depends on the quality of the video, as well as the transcription tool used. If you’re using Konch AI, you never have to worry about the accuracy of your transcription.

2. Can text be extracted from any type of video?
Depending on the tool you use for transcription, you can extract text from any type of video, from live streams to recorded videos.

3. What are the best tools for extracting text from live videos?
Live videos require very accurate and efficient tools for capturing every audible element from the video. Konch AI is the best tool for all types of videos.

4. Is it possible to extract text from multiple languages in a single video?
Yes, Konch AI supports multiple languages, allowing you to extract text from videos that have multilingual audio content. 

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